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Will the Covid Vaccine Bring Back Medical Tourism?

As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine progresses, medical tourism operators eagerly await a spike in bookings. The industry was forecast to surpass $10 billion in annual revenue until the COVID-19 global pandemic struck in early 2020. Since then, both fear and government restrictions have limited travel for medical procedures. Understandably, the travel and tourism industry has high hopes for the recently launched COVID-19 vaccines. How much a coronavirus vaccine will influence medical tourism, however, depends on several ...

Date: 09 January 2022    Comments: 232

Business in the New Normal: How the Medical Travel Industry is Adapting to COVID-19

The global medical travel industry was valued at nearly $6.7 billion in 2018, with researchers forecasting growth to surpass $10 billion annually by 2026. In the United States, one of the industry’s top destinations, incoming medical travel accounts for over $1 billion in annual trade surplus. In spring 2020, everything changed as the novel coronavirus brought medical tourism to an abrupt halt.

Achieving pre-pandemic growth expectations of over

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Top Medical Tourism Service Provider

If you are looking for medical treatments outside of your local area of residence, it could be quite a task trying to find the best doctor or the best facility with the most affordable cost. Medical tourism facilitation services can be the answer to an otherwise stressful exercise. Choosing the best medical tourism company in itself could be a challenge. It is always wise to check for the company’s background so you can be assured that you are dealing with the most efficient and reliable people to handle your medical travel concerns.

Here are the reasons why American Medical Care is your best bet when you seek medical tourism facilitation to assist you in your ...

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