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Fertility and IVF Treatment Abroad

Bringing a new baby into the world is truly a magical experience for expecting parents, but things aren’t always as simple as they seem. The issues with conceiving can cause interpersonal and relationship stress. Fortunately, a variety of different fertility treatment options have been developed, and these have helped millions of couples conceive and make the new addition to their family as desired.

Fertility treatment starts with testing to identify the causes for a couple’s infertility. Tests for men may include semen analysis, hormone levels, genetic testing, testicular biopsy, and imaging of the scrotum and vas deferens. Tests for women may include an ultrasound of the uterus and fallopian tubes with contrast dye to look for blockages, hormone and ovulation tests, and tests to evaluate the quantity and quality of eggs.

Fertility treatments range from simple, non-invasive procedures to more complex and invasive ones. For some couples, drugs that induce ovulation are sufficient to enable them to overcome their infertility issues. For other couples, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or surgery may be required. IVF is a procedure whereby the sperm is inserted directly into the woman’s uterus, or in some instances, a single sperm can be inserted into a single egg. This procedure is helpful for circumventing cervical factor infertility. And for some couples, surgery can remove an impedance to pregnancy by opening blocked fallopian tubes, reversing endometriosis, or removing fibroids, and thus provide a path to natural conception. Finally, a range of hi-tech options known as assisted reproductive technology, or ART, uses one or both types of IVF and may also involve the use of a donor egg.

Reproductive Tourism: Infertility Treatment Options

We offer fertility and reproductive procedures including:

  • Egg Donation
  • Female Infertility Treatment
  • Male Infertility Treatment
  • ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • IUI – Intrauterine Insemination
  • IVF Natural Cycle

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