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Health Records

Once you contact us through our online portal, telephone or email, a certified medical travel specialist and patient representative will reach out to you to gather more information on your desired needs. During this encounter we will discuss desired treatment and assist you in gathering all your medical records for review by our provider. This is your time to ask many questions as you wish.

Once your medical records have been received, reviewed, and consolidated by our physician provider, a decision is made if you are a suitable candidate for your desired procedure. Not all patients are suitable candidates for medical travel abroad and we make our best effort to encourage individuals to seek care in their home country when this is the case. All patient information is kept confidential and are secured in our cloud based electronic medical record database HIPAA compliant and utilizes the highest cloud API security standard in the industry.

Price Quote

Suitable medical travel candidates are contacted by our provider to discuss diagnosis and potential treatment plan options. We will provide you with a list of surgeons and curated providers who we have negotiated reduced prices on healthcare & medical services. Price quotes are presented and discussed during this contact and patient are provided with more information to assist them in making the final decision to seek care for their desired surgery or procedure. In a time when your health is of utmost concern, we take away the burden and worry from you by connecting you with some of the best surgeons and healthcare systems to meet your healthcare demands at an affordable price.

Trip Planning

After you have decided on a treatment plan, we will provide you with trip planning options. You can choose from our service options which include scheduling, flight, accommodation, transportation, a personal guide during your visit, city tours, car rental and more. Prior to your departure you will also receive a finalized travel plan covering your daily schedule and a finalized price quote.

You also can select from our service opportunities, which include flight, accommodation, transportation, personal guidance, city tours, rent a car and more. Feel free to ask!


We are happy to make lodging reservations suited to your needs and budget. Our team can help with reduced rates at most hotels and have discounted deals with hotels proximal to your care location. Apartment accommodations are available upon request for patients who are staying long-term or prefer a more home-like environment.


We know that medical travel can be somewhat stressful so we have streamlined the process for you, so you can relax and focus on a healthy recovery. While providing the best treatments and services, we will be by your side throughout your treatment and visit. Upon request we will provide airport pick-up and a private transfer upon your arrival at airport. You will also have access to an English-speaking interpreter and travel support during your medical travel visit.

If you and your companion require more privacy, we can arrange for private rooms equipped to deliver medical care, but with touches more reminiscent of a five-star hotel. After you have completed your procedure, we will have a provider check in with you to provide additional support that you may need during your recovery. Our providers can assist you with post-operative care and Rx Fulfillment. After departure, a provider will contact you to discuss your experience via telephone or a video call.