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A Mommy Makeover: The 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures To Consider


The 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures To Consider

A Mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that aim to restore a woman’s body to its original pre-childbirth appearance. Weight gain during pregnancy is a necessary stage every woman has to go through. Most of the time, diet and exercise are just not enough to get their form back.

The best time to undergo a complete Mommy makeover is when you’ve delivered all the children you’ve planned to have in your lifetime. It’s best to do this several months after you’ve breastfed your last baby. It is essential that you undergo a diet and exercise program after childbirth to lose some of the weight you have gained. A Mommy makeover is best after you’ve achieved a target weight before undergoing the plastic surgery procedures that would re-sculpt your body back to its original form.

Breast Lifts To Bring Your Perk Back

Sagging breasts are the bane of every woman. That perk just doesn’t seem to come back after childbirth. They start to get bigger around 6 to 8 weeks into the pregnancy and may grow to about a cup size or two. As the skin stretches, it might get itchy and stretch marks are definitely a possibility.

Some women find that their breasts have significantly reduced its size after giving birth. Mommy makeovers are not complete without a breast lift. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast lift surgery has grown 70% since 2000.

Breast Augmentation

Why Breast Augmentation?

A reduction in breast size is a possibility especially after breastfeeding your baby. A breast augmentation procedure could be ideal for you if you decide to go back to your original size.

You might wish to go a cup size bigger too. Mommy makeovers are perfect opportunities to increase breast size. Silicone implants have improved so much over the years. Many women welcome the idea of undergoing the procedure to improve their body image.

Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2015 show that there were about 279,143 breast augmentation procedures performed in the US. It increased by 31% from 2000.

Do You Need A Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty enables women to gain back a firmer and well toned belly. Excess skin and fat is removed thereby giving the abdomen a more aesthetically acceptable appearance. It is the center of all those Mommy makeovers. The results of a tummy tuck are permanent.

The outcome could be greatly diminished by fluctuations in your weight. It is for this reason that women who may be considering future pregnancies should postpone a tummy tuck until they are sure they no longer wish to have more children.


Tummy Tuck

Don’t Ignore Your Thighs

Much like the abdomen, the thighs store significant amounts of fat during pregnancy. It is hard to ignore this if you will be undergoing a Tummy Tuck. This could create a disproportionate appearance with the rest of the body.

The 3 treatment areas for the thighs include the inner thigh, outer thigh (also known as the saddlebags) and the front of the thigh. Thigh liposuction completes the aesthetic appearance to achieve a better body image.

Vaginoplasty – Why Not?

Vaginal restoration doesn’t do anything aesthetically. Some women choose to undergo the procedure to regain vaginal tightness, sexual pleasure and a more youthful looking vagina. Loss of vaginal tightness is common in women who’ve had multiple childbirths.

It could be a cause for embarrassment in some. A vaginoplasty procedure will result in the enhancement of vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. It could also bring about improved sexual gratification.

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